Bookbinding Quotations:

Scribe Bookbinding specialises in commissioned bindings from one to ten (or sometimes more) books in cloth or leather. All our work is done by hand, so large commercial orders are usually beyond our scope.

If you would like to commission the binding of a new book or the re-binding of a book into a different cover, please ring (03) 9347 0039 to discuss your requirements or fill out our detailed quotation form.

Repairs and Conservation Quotations:

Books which need to be repaired or whose bindings need to be restored but not rebound can be given special treatment by Scribe Bookbinding. Older books which need to be given special conservation treatment, including re-sewing and re-binding with archival quality materials and techniques are conserved by internationally-trained staff.

For the assessment of restoration/repair or special conservation binding, please ring (03) 9347 0039 for an appointment or send a description of your book/project via our general enquiry form.

Thesis Binding Quotations:

Scribe Bookbinding is no longer accepting commissions for thesis binding.
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