Scribe Bookbinding offers bespoke binding, specialised book repair and book conservation. All of our work is done by hand, using archivally sound materials and procedures. We do not do thermal binding, perfect binding, comb binding, saddle-stitching or binding on a commercial scale. All of our work is made to order: we do not carry stock of ready-made items.

Bespoke Bookbinding
We bind individual copies or small editions using traditional binding techniques, normally hand-sewn texts in many styles, covered in paper, cloth or leather. Find out more >
Book Repairs
We repair damaged books using established techniques and the finest materials sourced worldwide. Find out more >
Book Conservation
With specialist craftsmanship and international training we offer expert paper repairs, the preparation of archival boxes from archival cardboard or millboard covered in cloth or leather, lined with archival materials. Find out more >