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Books edited

Aflame with Music: one hundred years of the Faculty of Music, Melbourne, Melbourne University Press, 1996. (Renaissance section edited by Stinson)

Refereed articles

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Electronic publications

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Creative works

The Ensemble of the Fourteenth Century, directed by John Griffiths and John Stinson, Two Gentlemen of Verona: music of Jacopo da Bologna and Giovanni da Firenze, [The Music of the Fourteenth Century Volume 1], Melbourne: Move Records, 1988. MD 3091

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Research-related performance

1987            with La Romanesca, Guillaime deMachaut’s Remede de Fortune, public concert, later broadcast by ABC FM

1988            with The Ensemble of the Fourteenth Century, The Music of Fourteenth Century Italy, one hour ABC FM program.

1993            with Les Six, Haec Dies: Easter at Notre Dame de Paris c. 1220

1994            with Les Six, A Florentine Annunciation

1995            with Les Six, A Sienese Assumption

1996,             with Les Six, Early Music Festival, Sacred Heart Church, St Kilda: Pontifical Mass for the feast of St Ursula, new edition from original manuscripts of music by Hildegard von Bingen.

1997            with Les Six, National Gallery of Victoria, Mass for the feast of San Mark in association with the San Marco exhibition, 24 May.

1997            with Les Six, National Gallery of Victoria, Mass of the Coronation of the Doge, for closing of the San Marco Exhibition, 8 June.

1997             with Les Six, Early Music Festival, Sacred Heart Church, St Kilda: Machaut at Reims: Mass for the Nativity of the Virgin, 20 September.

1998 with Les Six, Italian Sacred Music from the late middle ages, Ballarat Cathedral, Friday 9 January (Opening concert of the Ballarat Fine Music Festival)

Book reviews

1987 Roger North’s The Musicall Grammarian and Theory of Sounds, digests of the manuscripts by Mary Chan and Jamie Kassler, with an analytical index of 1726 and 1728 Theory of Sounds by Janet D. Hine, in Musicology Australia, January 1987

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Invited International Lectures

Invited International Lectures

1986, Musik und Ikongographie in Florenz im Trecento, lecture tour (in German) of Switzerland (Zurich and Basel) at the invitation of the Swiss Musicological Society

1988 The Music of Don Paolo Tenorista, Musikwissenschaftliches Seminar der Universität Heidelberg

1988 Visiting professor, Hochschule fur Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Vienna: public lecture on The Music of the Fourteenth Century, followed by compressed course on Improvisation in Medieval Music (with Ruth Wilkinson) to recorder students at the Hochschule.

1989 2 May, On the salaries of Angels, invited lecture at Baruch College, City University of New York

Invited National Lectures

1993, The Gordon Anderson Memorial Lecture, University of New England, Armidale, 14 September 1993: ‘The Music of the fourteenth century: a twentieth-century perspective.

Invited papers at National Conferences

1989, 15-21 July: New Norcia Symposium ‘The Italian Tradition’, lecture on ‘Florentine musical iconography in the Trecento’, Abbey of New Norcia, W.A.

1989, 17 July, public lecture, ‘New perspectives on the music of the fourteenth century’, University of Western Australia.

1990, Cosmology, Music and Medical Health in the Late Middle Ages’, annual address given to the Medical History Society of Australia.

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1995, National Conference of the Recorder Guild, Recorder ‘95, Keynote lecture on ‘Instrumental music of the middle ages: a new look at the istampitte in London, British Library Add, 29987. A new edition of the music by Ruth Wilkinson and John Stinson was launched at the conference.

Invitations to International Conferences

1982, An English manuscript fragment in the National Library of Australia’, Conference for specialists in the music of the fourteenth century, Kloster Neustift bei Brixen /Bressanone, Italy

1984, 23-28 July ‘Musical iconography in Florence 1380-1430’, Zweiteres musikwissenschaftliches Colloquium,, Kloster Neustift bei Brixen /Bressanone, Italy

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2012 25 June, ‘The Choirbook and its Music: digital techniques of research

Newman College Oratory

2015 May 20, Florence, Revising MEI for research on late medieval music manuscripts (with Jason Stoessel)

Local Papers

`The Modal Computer: analytical insights into the nature of Gregorian tonality’, Music Department, La Trobe University, 6 May 1992

‘The Poissy Antiphonal’, at the symposium Devotion and the Book in the Middle Ages, University of Melbourne, 1993.

`Melodic analysis with the computer: some recent developments’, Music Department, La Trobe University, 1 September, 1993.

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