The 14th-Century Recording Project

The Fourteenth-Century Recording Project

A team of musicologists, literary scholars and performers from Melbourne University and La Trobe University and the Australian Research Council, under the direction of John Stinson and John Griffiths, have collaborated to research and interpret works by principal composers and from the central collections of the fourteenth century.

The Ensemble of the Fourteenth Century is a collective of specialist singers and instrumentalists brought together for the Fourteenth Century Recording Project. The ensemble was initially formed around the leading Australian mediaeval ensemble La Romanesca, which was expanded to provide the varied instrumental and vocal combinations required by the repertoire.

Sopranos: Margo Adelson, Cathy Cameron
Alto: Margaret Arnold
Countertenors: Hartley Newnham, Ian McDonald
Tenors: Lloyd Fleming, Geoffrey Cox, Tom Healey, Nick Tolhurst
Baritone: Gavin Carr
Psaltery: Ros Bandt
Vielle: Ruth Wilkinson
Lute: John Griffiths

Directed by John Stinson and John Griffiths.